We wanted to spotlight an individual in our Kandi community. Not only is Holly an inspiration, she has some of the best outfits I have ever seen made out of Kandi.

We wanted to learn a little bit more about Holly (ToyBox) and what inspires her to make such beautiful pieces. Below is our interview.

1. What got you into kandi?

“I met a bright and colorful kandi kid at my first rave. She traded me a kandi bracelet for one of my jelly bracelets. She inspired me to become a kandi kid and I fell in love with the culture.”

2. How did you learn to make outfits with kandi?

“For the most part I am self taught.”

“I did learn new techniques from a message board called Kanditrade.com. That is where kandi kids connected in the early 2000s. We would have kandi trade parties. Here is a flyer for one I hosted. The back of this flyer has a list of some of kandi kids that inspired me.”


3. How many years have you been making kandi?

“I have been making kandi for 17 years.”

4. About how long does it take to make an outfit?

“It takes about one day to complete an outfit.”

5. What is your favorite part about trading kandi? 

“My favorite part about trading kandi is its a great way to open up communication and make new connections with amazing people.”


Check out some of her outfits and more on her Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/people/kanditoybox

Kandi is not only a way of art,  really is an inspirational way to connect people. Every trade lets you connect on personal level. We love seeing the creative pieces come up. Outfits, perlers, 3dcuffs, and so much more. We hope you keep making bomb outfits ToyBox. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We can’t wait to see your next creation. 🙂

Much Love PLUR,

The Kandi Family Team


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Kandi Toybox

I have been raving for years. I love all the friends I made at events. I realized that most of the people I connect with are really genuine, kind-hearted people. Often times I regret not being able to connect with them later on in life.

So one day I came up with an idea. How can we solve this problem and really connect people? I have always appreciated receiving kandi and giving it out. Showing new ravers what PLUR is and how as a community we need to care for one another. So I decided I wanted to build a network that only could be accessed with a kandi bead code. This code would be created and personalized for each user that registers. I could give this to people to look me up later. Often times cell service is intermittent or I won’t even have a phone on me so I thought connecting through Kandi would be ideal.

Now 8 months later, I have a team of developers working with me on my dream. This dream that I could help people connect and make memories.  I wanted to make something people had to connect with each other in person. Far too often we just hit the accept button on a random stranger on Facebook or Instagram. I want a place you can store those true connections. The connections you spent countless hours making a Kandi cuff for someone neat, that you met at an event and you didn’t catch their name or get their contact info, but you knew you had the perfect kandi for them. Every day the site gets a step closer to being finished. You can now register at Kandifamily.com  I will keep you up-to-date as we launch new features.

Share your favorite Kandi and stories with us! I want to hear and feature your Kandi stories and pictures. Email us at Marketing@kandifamily.com. If we feature you, we will send you some free Kandi start beads. See you at the next show!


Peace, Love, Unity, Respect,



Making Connections Through Kandi