My Forever Kandi Experience

My name is Ashley, I was introduced to the rave culture in 2011. I absolutely fell in love with the music, the people, the trading of Kandi, and just everything that makes the rave culture beautiful. I would spend weeks preparing my outfits and making fun and personalized Kandi to trade. It was a way to express myself and not be judged.

I immediately found my place amongst the Kandi kids at raves. I loved taking the time to personalize each Kandi and then finding the right person at the rave to trade with. It was a way to show off my creativity and meet new people.

After a few raves, I realized Kandi wasn’t just a bracelet, it is a way of connecting with people in a creative way. It can unite strangers, start friendships, or in my case start a long life journey with my soul mate.

My Kandi story began in 2011 I was getting ready to attend Starstruck and I was beyond excited. I was going with a few friends and we had everything planned out. I spent a couple hours a day making different Kandi to trade. Some with fun sayings, others with just one word and I made one special Kandi that said “Starstruck”.


Finally, it was rave day!!! I got ready and filled my arms with the Kandi that I had been preparing for weeks. As we approached the rave you could feel the energy. It was so positive and uplifting! I couldn’t wait to be inside.

Inside the music was amazing, the people were beautiful, and the vibes were positive. I was ready to dance and meet new people. As the night went on I had almost traded all my Kandi, but I was still waiting for the right person to trade my special Starstruck Kandi to.

As I was dancing to the music under the beautiful night sky, a handsome guy came up to me and asked if I would like a light show. I nodded my head. After the light show, I knew whom I needed to give my special piece of Kandi to.

We started talking and I asked him if wanted to trade Kandi! Of course, he said yes, and 6 years later we both have our Kandi bracelets. We wear them every day as a reminder of our love and dedication to each other. We even got married at EDC 2016. It’s true what everyone says “couples that rave together stay together” and we plan on many more exciting events together!


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