Kandi Family is Live

Kandi Family Social Network

Connecting people through kandi bracelets

We are happy to announce the initial launch of KandiFamily.com. This underground network helps ravers connect at raves and keeps people connected through kandi bracelets. The rave scene has been close for years, but now we can be even closer with those we meet at events. Most people are already spreading love through kandi, it’s time we connect that aspect digitally.


Connecting to each other and being PLUR is the fundamentals of what makes our community thrive. “Kandi has always been a way to show respect. It has always been hard to stay connected with those we connected with at the show. Rave culture is so fast paced we sometimes miss connections. Kandi Family bridges the gap and helps you keep every connection!”  – Lindsey K (Co-Founder)

One of the most important things today is privacy. We won’t sell your data, and your chats will have end to end encryption. The only way to search for people is through the Kandi code you create upon login. Keeping your data, well, your data. We don’t think anyone else should have the right to use your data. Some of the platform features:

  • Encryption Chat
  • Unique Private Profiles
  • Photo Albums
  • Friendships that last a lifetime
  • Private Profiles
  • Unique Kandi Codes

Kandi Family is here to connect you with the people you meet at shows and events. We believe in PLUR, not only at events but in everyday life. What will be your kandi code? Check out KandiFamily.com to register for your account today.

About Kandi Family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQWKrQxGIZg


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