My Forever Kandi Experience

My name is Ashley, I was introduced to the rave culture in 2011. I absolutely fell in love with the music, the people, the trading of Kandi, and just everything that makes the rave culture beautiful. I would spend weeks preparing my outfits and making fun and personalized Kandi to trade. It was a way to express myself and not be judged.

I immediately found my place amongst the Kandi kids at raves. I loved taking the time to personalize each Kandi and then finding the right person at the rave to trade with. It was a way to show off my creativity and meet new people.

After a few raves, I realized Kandi wasn’t just a bracelet, it is a way of connecting with people in a creative way. It can unite strangers, start friendships, or in my case start a long life journey with my soul mate.

My Kandi story began in 2011 I was getting ready to attend Starstruck and I was beyond excited. I was going with a few friends and we had everything planned out. I spent a couple hours a day making different Kandi to trade. Some with fun sayings, others with just one word and I made one special Kandi that said “Starstruck”.


Finally, it was rave day!!! I got ready and filled my arms with the Kandi that I had been preparing for weeks. As we approached the rave you could feel the energy. It was so positive and uplifting! I couldn’t wait to be inside.

Inside the music was amazing, the people were beautiful, and the vibes were positive. I was ready to dance and meet new people. As the night went on I had almost traded all my Kandi, but I was still waiting for the right person to trade my special Starstruck Kandi to.

As I was dancing to the music under the beautiful night sky, a handsome guy came up to me and asked if I would like a light show. I nodded my head. After the light show, I knew whom I needed to give my special piece of Kandi to.

We started talking and I asked him if wanted to trade Kandi! Of course, he said yes, and 6 years later we both have our Kandi bracelets. We wear them every day as a reminder of our love and dedication to each other. We even got married at EDC 2016. It’s true what everyone says “couples that rave together stay together” and we plan on many more exciting events together!


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I have been raving for years. I love all the friends I made at events. I realized that most of the people I connect with are really genuine, kind-hearted people. Often times I regret not being able to connect with them later on in life.

So one day I came up with an idea. How can we solve this problem and really connect people? I have always appreciated receiving kandi and giving it out. Showing new ravers what PLUR is and how as a community we need to care for one another. So I decided I wanted to build a network that only could be accessed with a kandi bead code. This code would be created and personalized for each user that registers. I could give this to people to look me up later. Often times cell service is intermittent or I won’t even have a phone on me so I thought connecting through Kandi would be ideal.

Now 8 months later, I have a team of developers working with me on my dream. This dream that I could help people connect and make memories.  I wanted to make something people had to connect with each other in person. Far too often we just hit the accept button on a random stranger on Facebook or Instagram. I want a place you can store those true connections. The connections you spent countless hours making a Kandi cuff for someone neat, that you met at an event and you didn’t catch their name or get their contact info, but you knew you had the perfect kandi for them. Every day the site gets a step closer to being finished. You can now register at  I will keep you up-to-date as we launch new features.

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Peace, Love, Unity, Respect,



Making Connections Through Kandi

Kandi Family is Live

Kandi Family Social Network

Connecting people through kandi bracelets

We are happy to announce the initial launch of This underground network helps ravers connect at raves and keeps people connected through kandi bracelets. The rave scene has been close for years, but now we can be even closer with those we meet at events. Most people are already spreading love through kandi, it’s time we connect that aspect digitally.


Connecting to each other and being PLUR is the fundamentals of what makes our community thrive. “Kandi has always been a way to show respect. It has always been hard to stay connected with those we connected with at the show. Rave culture is so fast paced we sometimes miss connections. Kandi Family bridges the gap and helps you keep every connection!”  – Lindsey K (Co-Founder)

One of the most important things today is privacy. We won’t sell your data, and your chats will have end to end encryption. The only way to search for people is through the Kandi code you create upon login. Keeping your data, well, your data. We don’t think anyone else should have the right to use your data. Some of the platform features:

  • Encryption Chat
  • Unique Private Profiles
  • Photo Albums
  • Friendships that last a lifetime
  • Private Profiles
  • Unique Kandi Codes

Kandi Family is here to connect you with the people you meet at shows and events. We believe in PLUR, not only at events but in everyday life. What will be your kandi code? Check out to register for your account today.

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Kandi Etiquette – Your Guide for Making and Trading

Are you new to Kandi? Maybe you aren’t sure what kandi even is?

Well, this post is for you!

So what is kandi? Kandi bracelets are usually made with pony beads and various other beads & charms. Ravers make them for shows to give or trade to other ravers they meet and make friends with. Kandi is traded through a special handshake called the PLUR handshake. (PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. People sometimes add another “R” which stands for Responsibility). This special handshake is a gesture of friendship as you trade or give the kandi to the other person.

If someone doesn’t have any kandi to trade but you want to give them one, please still do! It can make someone’s night receiving a kandi. Spread PLUR as much as you can!Kandi Trading Rules

The story of how the term PLUR came to be was credited to the New York techno DJ, Frankie Bones. On July 24, 1993, at a rave in the Bronx, a fight broke out and spilled onto the DJ decks Bones was playing on. He angrily grabbed the microphone and yelled, “You better start showing some peace, love and unity or I will break your fucking faces!” The story spread like wildfire through the early rave scene, as a humorous example of the early scene’s growing pains, contradictions and ironies. (Bevacqua, 2017). This has ever been the values that have crossed into the culture and PLUR has not stopped being a staple to the rave / EDM scene. If you have ever been to a festival or underground rave you are for sure to see some kandi. It’s actually bigger than ever today and still growing in the rave community.

At the last event I attended, I approached a guy that was just kind of hanging out by himself and gave him kandi. He said “Wow thank you! What is this?” I explained to him what kandi was and his reaction was great and he smiled and said “I feel like I have been initiated into the scene, I love this so much”.  Overall, kandi beaded bracelets have become a staple of friendship to raving and the part of it’s culture.

When you give kandi to someone, you are helping create a memory that will hopefully stay with the bracelet. This connection can be whatever you make it, whether it be friendship, or maybe you found a rave bae. (Don’t be creepy though! Keep it PLUR!)  Who would have thought a friendly act towards each other could create something so nostalgic. It’s become so popular that companies like are helping people connect with each other in an online social network.

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Let me know what your favorite trade was or what got you into kandi below!


Bevacqua, J. (2017, June 27). Inside the World of the Kandi Kids, Dance Music’s Most Colorful Subculture. Retrieved December 12, 2017, from

We wanted to spotlight an individual in our Kandi community. Not only is Holly an inspiration, she has some of the best outfits I have ever seen made out of Kandi.

We wanted to learn a little bit more about Holly (ToyBox) and what inspires her to make such beautiful pieces. Below is our interview.

1. What got you into kandi?

“I met a bright and colorful kandi kid at my first rave. She traded me a kandi bracelet for one of my jelly bracelets. She inspired me to become a kandi kid and I fell in love with the culture.”

2. How did you learn to make outfits with kandi?

“For the most part I am self taught.”

“I did learn new techniques from a message board called That is where kandi kids connected in the early 2000s. We would have kandi trade parties. Here is a flyer for one I hosted. The back of this flyer has a list of some of kandi kids that inspired me.”


3. How many years have you been making kandi?

“I have been making kandi for 17 years.”

4. About how long does it take to make an outfit?

“It takes about one day to complete an outfit.”

5. What is your favorite part about trading kandi? 

“My favorite part about trading kandi is its a great way to open up communication and make new connections with amazing people.”


Check out some of her outfits and more on her Etsy:

Kandi is not only a way of art,  really is an inspirational way to connect people. Every trade lets you connect on personal level. We love seeing the creative pieces come up. Outfits, perlers, 3dcuffs, and so much more. We hope you keep making bomb outfits ToyBox. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We can’t wait to see your next creation. 🙂

Much Love PLUR,

The Kandi Family Team

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Kandi Toybox

That Kandi Connection

How many times do we go to event and raves but miss a connection? Sure we traded kandi, we laughed, we danced, and we might have even had an unforgettable moment. Where did they go? Why did we not connect on the level of friends? These are the questions I have had in my nine years of raving. I have met some of the most unforgettable people! I even do stay in contact with some so not all has been lost. It really does surprise me how many memories I have currently and lots of those are missed connections. The ones I do have I will cherish forever.

Kandi has been a huge part of helping me connect. I have always been shy and timid. I don’t like talking to people, but I do enjoy it. Just starting a convo has never been a strong point. I think this is normal for lots of us, Kandi has really helped open me up to saying hi and talking. It is also great to see someones reaction when you give them a piece that you worked so hard on.

I want to keep building these connections, so I started a company called In fact it’s still being built its costing me far more than I imagined it would. I don’t regret it though it will be something thousands of people can use to connect with and that gives me so much joy. I can’t thank my friends that support me every day on this project or the talented developers I have working for me to solve some of the most complex pieces like the encrypted chat.

I can’t wait till its all finished. Just a few more months and lots more work but I think it will be worth it in the end.

If you feel the need to help I have started a kickstarter. If you can’t help no worries check out our site and register a code. We hope Kandi Family can help you connect with more people!

The Underground Kandi Network